Indian Tutors (All Subjects) Mississauga, Ontario

Indian Tutors (All Subjects) in Mississauga, Ontario

TutoringMississauga, ON L5M 6L2, Canada
P: 647 528 8188

I am an OCT certified teacher having 25 years of experience in teaching English, Hindi and Punjabi. I assist with verbal and written fluency in the above listed languages. Tutoring is done at the library. Contact me via email or call me at 647-528-8188 I

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I am offering tutoring service for elementary student’s grade 1- 8 in Brampton (E) for all major subjects. Please feel free to contact me at 647-818-3765 or at Location: Hwy 50 & Bellchase

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Canadian Citenzenship Test TutorMississauga, ON L5N 7K2, Canada
P: 647 770 9836

I offer a one on one tutoring service to prepare students for the Canadian citizenship test. I have been a teacher for more than 30 years and fleunt in both english and arabic . Call Abeer at 647-770-9836 for further inquries.

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Univ/College/School/IB Tutor-MATH/CHEM/PHYS/STAT/ENGG/Assignment4110 Dursley Crescent, Mississauga, ON L4Z 1J7, Canada
P: 416 889 4008

I, [PhD-engg, ex professor,- USA/South Korea/India-22yrs) teach (1-on-1) MATH/CALCULUS/PHYSICS/CHEMISTRY/ Engineering Subjects, I teach students of HIGH SCHOOL [Grade 9 to 12 and IB] UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE [Waterloo, McMaster, UoT, Ryerson University, York University and SHERIDAN COLLEGE- Mississauga...View Details

I am available to tutor in the courses listed below. In addition, I can assist with assignments and quizzes. I can communicate in English, Hindi, Urdu.

Accounting: Grade 11, Grade 12 & Colleges Software : Sage50 & Quick Book


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