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I am an expert tutor with qualifications and extensive experience teaching university and college students in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and a variety of engineering fields. I hold a PhD and have conducted postdoctoral research in mechanical engineering, both in India and the United States. I have worked as a professor, scientist, and consultant in several countries, including the United States, India, South Korea, and Canada.

Throughout my career, I have tutored and consulted with students from the University of Waterloo, McMaster University, the University of Toronto, and other Ontario universities, as well as from institutions such as the Metropolitan University, Mohawk College, Sheridan College, George Brown College, and Seneca College. I have also worked on projects for the US Air Force and NASA, and received two gold medals for my significant contributions to engineering and projects.

As a tutor, I specialize in one-on-one sessions and provide assistance in assignments and reports at the high school, college, and university levels. I can help students prepare for exams such as SAT, as well as provide practice questions and answers for numerical problems, lab reports, and more. I am also well-versed in subjects such as mathematics and mechanical engineering, civil, and metallurgy at bachelor, master, and PhD levels, as well as P.Engg level.

In the past, I have taught the following subjects for mechanical, energy, automotive, chemical, manufacturing, nuclear, software, industrial, electrical, and mechatronics engineering: calculus I, II, MATH 1010U, MATH 1020U, linear algebra, MATH 1850U, differential equations, MATH 2860U, physics, PHY 1010U, 1020U, chemistry, CHEM 1800U, electrical circuits, ELEE 2790U, solid mechanics I and II, MECE 2420U, MECE 3420U, dynamics, MECE 2430U, fluid mechanics, MECE 2860U, statistics and probability, STAT 2800U, manufacturing and production processes, MANE 3190U, kinematics and dynamics of machines, MECE 3270 U, control systems, MECE 3350U, engineering economics, ENGR 3360U, mechanical vibrations, MECE 3210U, machine design, MECE 3220U, thermodynamic applications, MECE 3230U, mechatronics, MECE 3390U, heat transfer, MECE 3930U, finite element methods, MECE 4290U, advanced solid mechanics and stress analysis, MECE 4210U, thermo-mechanical processing of materials, MANE 3120U, quality control, MANE - 4045U, operation research, INSE 220U, lean production engineering, INSE 3140U, numerical methods, MATH 2070U, thermodynamics, and cycles.

In terms of work experience, I have served as a professor in Wichita State University, Kyung Hee University in South Korea, and BIT in India. Additionally, I have worked as a researcher in Kansas State University and the National Institute of Aviation Research, and as a consultant/scientist in Gas Technology Institute in Chicago and Tata Research Centre in Pune. Additionally, I have achieved leadership and outstanding Gold medal awards, two Best paper awards in Engineering Field, and a proven track record of improving grades for high school students, university students, and college/university students.

Finally, I charge the following fees for my tutoring services:

In-person: 25-30hr My location 1-on-1, 35hr Library 1-on-1, and 45hr for Travel to Client's home, 70 for 2 hrs 1-on-1.

Online: 22-28 for Google meet, Zoom and WhatsApp 1-on-1.

Promotion: 15-20hr for first trial lesson 1-on-1, and 10hr for first today trial session 1-on-1. In addition, there is a 20% discount until April 16th.

My cell phone is 437-849-2530. Please leave a message for me.

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