Indian Restaurants Toronto, ON

Indian Restaurants Toronto, ON

List of Indian Restaurants and Take Away Shops in Toronto Specialising in North & South Indian Food For Dine-in, Take Away and Delivery. These Desi Restaurants in Toronto can also cater for Vegetarians, Non-Vegetarians, Vegans, Gluten Free Meals etc. Are you looking for a Indian/Pakistani/Sri Lankan/ Nepali/ Bengali or Other South-Asian Restaurant in Toronto, then come visit any of the Restaurants listed below. These Low Cost & Cheap Price Indian Restaurants in Toronto can also cater for Birthday Parties, Weddings, Private Functions, Reception Parties, Christmas Group Bookings and Other Special Occasions.

Gill Restaurant
Address: 1560 Yonge St Toronto, Ontario M4T2S9
Telephone: 647-350-4455

Gareeb Nawaz
Address: 1071 Danforth Ave Toronto, Ontario M4J1M1
Telephone: 416-261-2882

Gandhi Cuisine
Address: 554 Queen E Toronto, Ontario M5A 1V2
Telephone: 416-504-8155

Nataraj Indian Cuisine
Address: 394 Bloor W Toronto, Ontario M5S 1X4
Telephone: 416-928-2925

Pabla Shan-E-Punjab Restaurant
Address: 1386 Gerrard St E Toronto, Ontario M4L1Z2
Telephone: 416-406-5188

Rajput’s Bistro 111
Address: 111 Dupont St Toronto, Ontario M5R1V4
Telephone: 647-435-3471

Ram’s Roti Shop
Address: 1770 Albion Toronto, Ontario M9V 1C1
Telephone: 416-746-4472

Rani Mahal Fast Food
Address: 3600 Ellesmere Toronto, Ontario M1C 4Y8
Telephone: 416-287-3113

Ravi Soups
Address: 2535 Dundas St W Toronto, Ontario M6P1X6
Telephone: 416-769-7284

Ruchi Indian Cuisine
Address: 649 Yonge Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1Z9
Telephone: 416-926-0953

Shahi Rasoi
Address: 45 Overlea Blvd Toronto, Ontario M4H 1C3
Telephone: 416-422-4054

Shahi Tiffin Restaurant
Address: 2743 Danforth Ave Toronto, Ontario M4C 1L8
Telephone: 647-352-8999

Sham Gate Restaurant
Address: 45 Overlea Blvd Toronto, Ontario M4H 1C3
Telephone: 416-467-7634

Sham Shawarma
Address: 1553 Dupont St Toronto, Ontario M6P 3S5
Telephone: 416-588-7426

Shefali’s South Asian Restaurant
Address: 400 Sewells Rd Toronto, Ontario M1B 5K8
Telephone: 416-286-8989

Sher-E-Punjab Restaurant
Address: 351 Danforth Av Toronto, Ontario M4K 1N7
Telephone: 416-465-2125

Tamarind Indian Kitchen
Address: 161 Bay St Toronto, Ontario M5J2S1
Telephone: 416-850-2929

Shree Govardhan Ltd
Address: 840 Markham Rd Toronto, Ontario M1H 2Y2
Telephone: 416-438-0544

Apalla Indian Cuisine
Address: 811 Queen St W Toronto, Ontario M6J1G1
Telephone: 647-428-7119

Ali’s West Indian Roti Shop
Address: 1446 Queen St W Toronto, Ontario M6K1M2
Telephone: 416-532-7701

Bombay Bhel Restaurant
Address: 1411 Gerrard St E Toronto, Ontario M4L1Z5
Telephone: 416-461-4125

Dhaba Indian Restaurant
Address: 309 King St W Toronto, Ontario M5V1J5
Telephone: 416-593-4040

Bombay Chowpatty Restaurant
Address: 1386 Gerrard St E Toronto, Ontario M4L1Z2
Telephone: 416-405-8080

Annapurna Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: 1085 Bathurst Street, Toronto (Just south of Dupont), Ontario
Telephone: 416-537-8513

Bihari Kabob And Biryani House
Address: 1145 Morningside Ave Toronto, Ontario M1B 0A7
Telephone: 416-281-4259

Batcha Restaurant Toronto, Ontario
Address: 2985 Islington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: 416-740-4494

Sridevi South Indian Restaurant
Address: 551 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1Y6
Telephone: 416-588-6184

Amaya Indian Room Restaurant
Address: 1701 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON, M4G 3C1
Telephone: 416-322-3270

Baldev Paan & Cold Drink House
Address: 1399 Gerrard St E Toronto, Ontario M4L1Z5
Telephone: 416-463-7226

Fatima Restaurant
Address: 3108 Dundas St W Toronto, Ontario M6P2A1
Telephone: 647-727-4593

Farah Restaurant
Address: 1086 Danforth Av Toronto, Ontario M4J 1M2
Telephone: 416-463-1700

Arafat Halal Pizza & Chicken
Address: 2655 Lawrence E Toronto, Ontario M1P 2S2
Telephone: 416-288-1616

Raj Kapuri Paan & Snacks
Address: 377 Donlands Toronto, Ontario M4J 3S2
Telephone: 416-425-6685

Kabab Grill Restaurant
Address: 68 Gerrard St W Toronto, Ontario M5G1J5
Telephone: 416-408-2222

Kabab & Tikah House
Address: 178 Carlton St Toronto, Ontario M5A2K6
Telephone: 416-964-8414

Khan Baba Restaurant
Address: 400 Eastern Toronto, Ontario M4M 1B9
Telephone: 416-406-5426

Matagali Restaurant
Address: 69 Elm St Toronto, Ontario
Telephone: 416-599-9994

Mohammad-Fahmi Mehdi Restaurant
Address: 4901 Steeles Ave W Toronto, Ontario M9L 2W1
Telephone: 416-744-8860

Halal Restaurant
Address: 1330 Gerrard St E Toronto, Ontario M4L1Z1
Telephone: 416-406-0786

Gallery Sushi
Address: 275 Dundas St W Toronto, Ontario M5T 3K1
Telephone: 416-597-2580

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