Indian Urdu Language Tutors Toronto, Ontario

Urdu language teacherMarkham, ON, Canada
P: 647 786 3XXX
Hi. i am available to teach Urdu online or in person. i charge 10$ per hour. please contact 647 786 3139. Online classes are also available with 1 to 1 interaction where you can learn online in winter season from the comfort of your home. For all age groups, those who do not know how to read and wri...View Details

Quran and Urdu teacher available for Kitchener WaterlooKitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada
P: 647 936 2XXX
Hafiz ul Quran male teacher available to teach Quran Pak with Tajweed from basic to expert level including Nazra and Hifz ul Quran learning, Expert Urdu teacher. Home tuition also available in Kitchener Waterloo. Contact # 647 936 2391...View Details

Urdu tuition - speak confidentlyL5N 2P4, Canada
P: 647 786 1XXX
Our new generation is losing their grasp and knowledge of Urdu. Experienced teacher offering language classes to students (age ranges 8-20) in spoken Urdu - ensuring students can learn to speak confidently, explain topics and situations effortlessly - weekend (Sat-Sun) classes offered (new batch beg...View Details

Wanted: Looking for someone to teach me urduMississauga, ON L5B 2C9, Canada
P: 647 864 9XXX
Hello, I'm a professional 42 yrs old gentleman and I need to re-learn urdu mainly my verbal skills. Please let me know how you can help? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you Please Text Arshad - 647 864 9386...View Details

Learn urdu LanguageMississauga, ON L5M 5C5, Canada
P: 647 778 0XXX
Language is an integral part of your identity. But language is much more than just a means of communication. It is also an inseparable part of our culture. Do you feel like your children are losing touch with their origins and want them to feel more connected? We’re here to help. We provide tutori...View Details

ONLINE URDU TEACHER FOR KIDSGibbs Rd, Brampton, ON L7A 0G2, Canada
P: 647 550 5XXX
Now easy Urdu is Available in your city. I have taught the subjects of Urdu and Islamiat in Pakistan for 7 years at Beaconhouse School System. I developed an easy Urdu program in Pakistan for children who came from foreign countries to make it easy for them. I can teach at all levels of Urdu. Contac...View Details

Quran and Urdu tutoring 25$/hourL1H4M3, Canada
P: 416 816 4XXX
Asalam walikum I am offering tutoring services in the Durham area for Quran reading and writing and Urdu reading and writing services for $25/hour. All ages welcome including adults and seniors. Please call or email me at 416 816 4972...View Details

Urdu/ Language ClassesPickering, ON L1V
P: 647 261 1XXX
Brisk Learning Centre is offering Urdu classes. Kindly contact 647-261-1323 HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PROGRAMME Conversation Skills, Pronunciation, Reading & Writing, and Basic Grammar....View Details