Indian Religious Organizations Winnipeg, Manitoba

Sikh Society of Manitoba Inc1244 Mollard Rd , Winnipeg , MB R2P 2T6
P: 204-777-8XXX
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Khalsa Diwan Society (Manitoba) Inc807 McLeod Ave , Winnipeg , MB R2G 0Y4
P: 204-668-5XXX
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Hindu Society Of Manitoba854 Ellice Ave , Winnipeg , MB R3G 0C4
P: 204-774-9XXX
During early 1960s very few Hindu families had settled in Manitoba, who were living mostly in Winnipeg. The early settlers were mostly Professionals, as Teachers, Professors, Physicians and others. A few more families trickled here during early 1970s. There was no common place of worship or congrega...View Details

The Hindu Society Of Manitoba999 St Anne's Rd , Winnipeg , MB R2N 4G5
P: 204-254-4XXX
Saraswati PujaDurga PujaThank you for visiting our website. The Hindu Society of Manitoba aims to provide valuable information and updates about events happening at the two temples.We are also happy to interact and address community related queries sent to us through this website. If you wish to rec...View Details