Indian Neurologists Ottawa, Ontario

Dr Tilak De Fonseka MendisNeurologist Clinic Suite CE2058 1750 Russell Road Ottawa ON K1G5Z6
P: (613) 562-4XXX
Male Indian Psychiatrist specialising in Psychiatry and Neurology who can speak Sinhalese Language. Dr Mendis is currently practicing at Bruyere Continuing Care-Elisabeth Bruyere Site in Ottawa....View Details

Dr Sunita VenkateswaranDivision of Neurology Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario 401 Smyth Road Ottawa ON K1H 8L1
P: (613) 737-7XXX
Female Indian Pediatrician specialising in Pediatrics and Neurology who can speak French and Tamil Languages. Dr Venkateswaran is currently practicing at Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario in Ottawa and Ottawa Hospital,General Site in Ottawa....View Details

Dr Rajendra Dhundiraj Kale1053 Carling Avenue Division of Neurology The Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus Ottawa ON K1Y 4E9
P: (613) 798-5555 Ext. 17XXX
Male Neurologist specialising in Neurology who can speak Hindi and Marathi Languages. Dr Kale is currently practicing at Ottawa Hospital,Civic Site in Ottawa....View Details

Dr Shreyans ShahBooth Neurology 343 Booth Street, Unit B Ottawa ON K1R7K1
P: (613) 233-3XXX
Male Neurologist specialising in Neurology. Dr Shah is currently practicing at Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital in Carleton Place....View Details