Indian Chiropractors Toronto, Ontario

List of Hindi/Punjabi Speaking Indian Chiropractors in Toronto, ON Specialising in spinal problems including, intervertebral disc conditions, spondylosis, whiplash, scoliosis and non-spinal conditions such as ankle, knee, elbow, carpal tunnel, and shoulder injuries that may be caused by work, motor vehicle accidents, or sports injuries.

James Snow Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center Milton81 James Snow Pkwy #3 Milton, ON L9E 0H3 Canada
P: 905-878-1220
Welcome to James Snow Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center. We have a team of experienced Physiotherapists, Chiropractor, Orthotics for treatment of your aches and pains. Contact us today at 905-878-1220...View Details

Dr Rubina Tahir DC438 University Ave Suite 104 Toronto, Ontario M5G 2K8
P: 416-598-4999
Rubina Tahir is a board certified Chiropractor, and can best be described as a woman on a mission to inspire healthy lifestyles....View Details