Indian Acupuncturists (Acupuncture) Calgary, Alberta

Acupuncture 10 Sessions 60$ Each!!! Great for Weight LossShawnessy, Calgary, AB, Canada
P: 306 592 3XXX
Pain Management and other Health Related Concerns. We Use the Indian Method Which Has Been Scientifically Proven to be the Best Certified Professionals Fifth Generations Practitioner Call or Text Now 306 592 3273...View Details

Atma Collective2-4616 Valiant Dr NW , Calgary , AB T3A 0X9
P: 403-450-3XXX
Our innovative clinic provides acupuncture treatments in a group setting - the way that it is done throughout Asia. This allows us to offer surprisingly reasonable fees to break down the financial barrier to receiving acupuncture. We have fashioned our style of practice after the way acupuncture has...View Details