Indian Dhol Players Mississauga, Ontario

Bhangra DancersMississauga, ON L5B, Canada
P: 647 227 1XXX
Professional Bhangra dancers + Dhol player Providing services all around the GTA Contact us for pricing at 647-227-1443...View Details

DHOL TORONTO ENTERTAINMENT proudly presents … PROFESSIONAL DJS | DHOL PLAYERS | ELEGANT LIGHTING for Indian | Pakistani | Desi | South Asian Events So you have booked an ELEGANT venue, the very BEST photographers and videographers, a MIND BLOWING decoration, so why not book TORONTO’s FINEST and ...View Details

Professional Bhangra DancersMississauga, ON L5B, Canada
Professional Bhangra dancers for all occasions.Also offer Dhol players.Contact for pricing!...View Details

Professional Dhol PlayerMississauga, ON L5B, Canada
Experienced Dhol Player!- Also offer DJ & bhangra dancers packages - Been doing wedding events for over 13 years! - Available to get multiple dhol players if needed - Provide service all around the GTAHire a hassle-free service that will show up on time.Last thing you need is getting extra stres...View Details