Indian Churches Vancouver, British Columbia

Akali Singh Sikh Temple1890 Skeena St , Vancouver , BC V5M 4L3
P: 604-254-2XXX
It is the Gurdwara institution, where people learn to be humble; to be without ego associated with arrogance; to be truthful in their dealings in life and to be kind to all. This is here where there is opportunity to learn to treat everyone, not only as equals but as brothers, sisters and older peop...View Details

Shree Mahalakshmi Temple467 11th Ave E , Vancouver , BC V5T 2C8
P: 604-874-0XXX

Sri Ganesh Temple Society Of Bc3525 Fraser St , Vancouver , BC V5V 4C5
P: 604-879-3XXX

Sri Sathya Sai Baba Centre Of Bc2215 Pender St E , Vancouver , BC V5L 1X5
P: 604-877-1XXX

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