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BabysittingGloucester, ON K1J 7T5, Canada
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Hello, I am Ahmed Hassan and I am 16 years old. As a babysitter, I have experience taking care of children from my volunteer work at a local daycare facility. I normally with children that are 3 years or older. I can take care of most household chores and I can also help with homework. I am very pos...View Details

Night time babysitter1204 Bethamy Ln, Gloucester, ON K1J 8P3, Canada
Hello! If you need someone to look after your kids during the night then I am here! My name is Ayesha. I have had 4 years experience with children from the ages of a couple weeks to 7 years old. I used to work long hours but they’ve been cut short leaving my evenings free. I am located near beacon...View Details