Volt Auto Electric Brampton, Ontario

Volt Auto Electric Brampton, Ontario

Volt Auto Electric is an Indian/Punjabi Car Mechanic in Brampton, Ontario Specialising in All Electrical Repairs Such as

  • Airbag Control Modules
  • Anti-lock/Traction Controllers
  • Body Control Modules
  • Climate Control Modules
  • Computerized Diagnostic
  • ECM, PCM, Programming
  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Engine/Powertrain Control Modules
  • Instrument Clusters/Gauges
  • Radio and Amplifiers
  • Transmission Control Modules

Contact Details

  • Name: Lakhbir Singh
  • Email: voltautoelectric@yahoo.com
  • Telephone: 416-417-4738
  • Cell No.: 416-417-4738
  • Address: Brampton, Ontario

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  1. Doug Says:

    I have a defective ECM in my 2007 Ford Fusion which was apparently caused by a blown coil.If you can fix it, what does it cost and does it need to be reflashed? i believe it is a 7E5A-12A650-XB. Thanks.

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