Vidhia Academy Malton, Ontario

Vidhia Academy Malton, Ontario

Indian/ Punjabi Tutors Offering Tuition in Math, French and Social Sciences. Grade 1 to 10. Homework assistance and skill improvement.


  • Kindergarten to University
  • Reading, Writing, Presentation Skills, ESL Help
  • Literacy Improvement and Essay Editing.

Offering Weekly, Bi-Daily,, Daily or even One-Time Sessions.

Are you looking for Hindi/ Punjabi Speaking Desi Tutors/ Tuition Centres in Malton, then call us now.

Contact Details

  • Sanmukh Kaur: 416-262-1213
  • Roop Kaur: 416-804-0110
  • Email:
  • Address: 2980 Drew Road, Malton, Ontario (Beside Malton Gurdwara in the Great Punjab Business Centre, United Sikhs Office Unit 223B)

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