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T4R 3W2, Canada
P: 780 616 1091

With 20 Years of Experience in the field of Vedic Astrology, I am offering my services to the community. You will be surprised to know that how human life is effected both by positive and negative way by our solar and planetary system. How theory of Karma Works. I am a businessman but Astrology is my passion and have a very nominal fee to cover the expense occurs in this field. People who promise that they can change the destiny of others are lying to public. You can not change the pre determined future but as theory of Karma explained us that with meditation and with power of Mantras and remedies, we can rewrite it in our own way and no doubt Universe helps if you are focused. I am also starting the classes on Astrology. I can not change the future but I can guide you the right path for the betterment. I have two decades of experience in this field and I can take you to the journey where you can learn and find how negative forces (black magic) affects and how to remove those and create a positive Aura around you. Specialist in removing the occult practices done by people in jealousy. Contact me for any kind of Vedic Pooja and consultation in regard of your birth Chart. I also prepare detailed charts. Simple remedies (upaayas)/ simple solutions for all the problems around you. Please note that Mantras are the divine sounds produce on a particular frequency and when this frequency matches with frequency of Universe then things starts working in positive way and I can guide you how to reach that level and make things work. Please Contact me at 1780 616 1091 or email me at

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