Train your Warrior Spirit: Kalaripayattu, a healing martial art.

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Toronto, ON M5V 0A7, Canada
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Join a 3 week online training: Kalaripayattu, a warriors martial art from India (KKerala. “You should wash the floor of kalaripayattu with your sweat. Kalaripayattu is 80 percent mental and only the remainder is physical” Kalaripayattu trains our mind and body in such a way that with time our awareness of our self as well as our surrounding improves which not only helps us to be prepared to defend our self from sudden attacks, but it also gives us more endurance and sustainability, the ability to be punctual, to have confidence in what we do and have discipline in our life. It also frees us from chronic illnesses. Kalaripayattu reduces rage and aggressiveness. It helps us stay calm and composed in challenging situations. Disciplines: - Ancient Healing Martial Art from India - A sense of physical presence - Strength, Power, Flexibility, Conditioning - Body-Mind Experience - Physical Awareness & Presence Starting June 2021. Message for details. Team Kalari Warriors

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