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7595 Markham Road, Unit #11, Across Costco/Markham Rd & 14th Ave Markham, ON L3S 0B6
P: 905-294-0123
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Monday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is about expressing and capturing the essence of your personality. Often, it is one of the first things people notice about you and it communicates to others how you feel about yourself. Even a subtle change in your smile can make an exceptional difference to the way you...

Crowns and Bridges

We offer dental crowns and bridges services in Markham and Scarborough areas - prosthetic devices that look like your natural teeth and that offer a more realistic solution to tooth loss. All of our dental prosthetics are constructed of the latest, lightest and most natural-looking materials in dentistry today. You...

Dental Emergencies Markham

Emergency means urgent care. The dental emergencies in Markham Sun Dental Care office are always addressed promptly and within the same day. A dental emergency is a broad term used for an excruciating toothache due to decay, gum infection, chipped tooth, loose crowns, denture repairs, dental trauma or any other...

Kids Dentistry

Our Pediatric Dentists take extra special care of your kids.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment involves the saving of a tooth that is decayed and otherwise would die and have to be removed. In order to save the tooth, the pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth), nerves, bacteria, and any decay are removed and the resulting space is filled with special,...

Complete and Partial Dentures

Dentures can improve facial appearance and your smile. Replacing lost or missing teeth has substantial benefits for your health and appearance. A denture provides support for cheeks and lips, filling out your face and profile. Without this support, sagging facial muscles can make a person appear older and reduce their...



Invisalign orthodontic therapy is a procedure that uses invisible plastic aligners to straighten and improve the appearance of your teeth. You can enjoy all the benefits of braces without having to sacrifice your smile or what you can eat. They are removable, replaceable, comfortable and custom made to fit your...

Zoom Whitening

Your smile is important. It’s one of the first things you notice when you meet someone. A whiter, brighter smile is beautiful – it can help you feel better about yourself and make a memorable impression. Your lifestyle and the aging process can stain and darken your teeth. Many things...

Dental Fillings

If a single spot on one of your teeth is not cleaned daily, the remaining bacteria will transform themselves into a sticky film substance called plaque. The plaque will produce acids which eat away at the enamel of the tooth and will eventually cause cavities. When the cavity gets through...

Tooth Removal

At Sun Dental Care, we believe in preserving the natural tooth structure as much as possible, and avoid having to extract a tooth unless it is unavoidable or has a poor long term prognosis. This is usually when: The tooth has broken extensively, and therefore not enough tooth structure is...

Sedation Dentistry Markham

Veneers allows your doctor to provide a variety of dental treatments safely and comfortably to patients who experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. There are several benefits of Veneers, including: Less fear or anxiety during treatment More comfort during dental procedures A more relaxing dental experience With Veneers your dentist...

At Sun Dental Care – We Care About Making You Smile

When you enter our practice you will be greeted with a smile – a simple taste of how you will be treated throughout your visit with us.

Our unique and friendly team love what they do, and this passion is easy to see! From cosmetic dental treatments to children’s dentistry our dental services are personalised to the unique needs of each and every one of our patients.

At Sun Dental Care, our patients report that they actually look forward to visits to our practice, and the secret behind this success is simple… WE CARE! To learn more about our practice or to set up an appointment,

Please call our office at 905-294-0123.

We look forward to providing you with the best dental care possible.

Our Team

Dr. Prasad.Satyanarayana Devi ( D.D.S.) is the principle dentist at Sun Dental Care, where all facets of dentistry is provided, especially cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Dr Prasad is dedicated to provide the highest quality dentistrywhere he can utilise the most up to date technologies to provide advanced dental treatment to his patients.

“I believe that every one should enjoy a healthy smile. Whether given or attained, a beautiful and healthy smile exuberates confidence and well being. A great smile truly leaves a lasting impression. I strive to provide the best dental care possible in a pleasant environment where you feel you are completely informed and in control every step of the way”Dr. Prasad.Satyanarayana Devi ( D.D.S.)

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