Sukhraj (Sukhi) Parmar, Mortgage Consultant Vancouver, BC

Sukhraj (Sukhi) Parmar, Mortgage Consultant Vancouver, British Columbia

Sukhraj Parmar is an Indian/ Punjabi Mortgage Broker in Vancouver Specialising in Mortgages For First Home Buyers, Self Employed, New Immigrants and Refinancing.

Call us now and Speak in Your Own Mother Tongue, Our Staff can speak Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and English Languages.

Save thousands on your Mortgage. Mortgage Expertise at Your Doorstep 24/7. Switch your mortgage for free! Let us help you pay down your mortgage faster and save thousands in interest costs.

First time Home Buyers – Which comes first, the home or the home financing? Prearrange your mortgage and shop with confidence knowing the rate and payment schedule are guaranteed for up to 90 days.

Contact Details

  • Sukhraj (Sukhi) Parmar – Mortgage Specialist
  • Telephone: 604-765-4176
  • Email:

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