Soundara Rajan – Indian Astrologer and Psychic Ottawa, Ontario

Soundara Rajan – Indian Female/ Lady Astrologer and Psychic Ottawa, Ontario

Soundara Rajan, acclaimed as a prodigy of astrology, is a gifted astrologer.

She is a second generation astrologer, born in the mystical land of India and trained by her father, the late Mr. K. S. Krishnamurthy, professor of Steller Astrology and author of many books on the subject.

Her Intuitive, in-depth consultations are full of insight.

Astrological Services:

  • Finance
  • Business
  • Career
  • Personal Relationship (Marriage, Family, etc.)


  • Address: 1 Woodthrush Green, Ottawa, ON. K1V0A9
  • Telephone: 613-737-5206

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  1. Gilberte Says:

    Hi Soundara how are you darling I feel bad I missed you here in Oshawa but I want to see you in Ajax you will be with David John as well ? My brother likes him. I’m thinking I would like to see you on the Friday in March email me back Soundara and we will confirm a time sorry for even being late with this just had lots to do. But I’m putting this date in my agenda I need address to please in Ajax thank you Gilberte Marcoux in Oshawa

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