Pure Vegetarian Punjabi Tiffin

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Cranston, Calgary, AB, Canada
Mobile:  403 800 6XXX [Show Mobile]

Healthy and hygienic Punjabi food available for pick-up in SE Calgary (Cranston).

Daily and weekly plans available! Daily: 1 Daal + 1 Sabzi + 6 Roti (or Rice) + Pickle = $13/order Monthly (Mon-Sat each week): 1 Daal + 1 Sabzi + 6 Roti (or Rice) + Pickle = $260/month

Extras are available as well: 1 Roti = $0.50 1 Daal or 1 Sabzi = $5 1 portion of Rice = $5 Pickle = $2

Orders can also be customized as per your requirements. If interested, please contact me via email or phone at sumanlally2@gmail.com or 403-800-6341.

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