Astrologer Prof. Pankaj Kaushal Malton, Ontario

Astrologer Prof. Pankaj Kaushal is an Indian Astrologer in Malton Specialising in Palmistry, Numerology and Horoscope Services. We Also Specialise in Improvement in Luck by Gem Stones, Malas, Poojas and Other Astrologic Methods.

Does Your Children Have Study Problems and They Are Not Getting Good Grades in School or College? Have Your Children Lost Interest in Education and Are Constantly Failing. They Might Be Under The Influence Of Black Magic, Call Us Now and We Will Find The Solution To All Your Children Study Problems With Astrology. Call us now and Bring Your Children For a General Psychic Reading.

If You Are Disappointed With Your Children or Their Performance in School? Or Are You Having Problem in Your Family Or Business, Call Us Now.

Contact Details

  • Address: 3683 Corliss Crescent, Malton, Ontario, L4T 2Z2
  • Telephone Number: 905 956 0514


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