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Hi everyone, I'm Akash, Living in Downtown, Toronto. Happy New Year 2020!!! What's your career plan for this new year?? OTL!!!! Oh, wow Great choice. Have you decided to take OTL exam and need a help with how to start? You are in a right place. Firstly, I would like to congrats you for making an excellent decision. OTL is the asset which would open the gates in the banking and insurance field and the probability of getting a job with this license is very high. People usually get a job within 1 week. You would receive 6 job offers in a week and you may have to decide who you should work with. Sounds interesting, right? Yes, it's true. You know that. Other Than Life exam is conducted by Insurance Institute of Canada. The passing percentage is 75%. The exam is not as much easier as you think. Some people have attempted 5 times and passed in 6th time. Some people could have passed in 1st, 2nd attempts (My students) but it doesn't means they are lucky. It's because they know the terms, concepts, What to study, How to study, How to practice, How to pass in 1st attempt within 1-2 weeks of preparation. What do i have? I have OTL notes for the important chapters, 9 Mock questions with answers, separate quizzes for Auto, Home, Commercial, Liability, Business insurance concepts. The good thing is **You do not need to purchase any OTL books or any other notes or online preparation courses**** The notes that I provide would be more than enough to pass. These notes and questions have almost same/ similar questions (Atleast 90%) which are being asked in the actual OTL exam. How do i help? I do not want my students to suffer after providing the notes. I'm not the one who sell the notes online and say bye and leave you alone. I prefer to meet at a nearest Timhortons/ Startbucks/ nearest Mall and sit at a peaceful place and I would go through the notes that I've provided and would teach the important terms, concepts, notes, mock questions which would help you to study by yourself after 2-3hrs of session with me. I'm pretty sure that you would pass in the 1st attempt. For every attempt, the exam fee is $136.73 (Updated- January 2020). Just imagine the amount spent by the people who have failed 3-5 times without proper guidance. Some people gave up the idea of OTL after failing 2 or more attempts. I wouldn't make you pay for the 2nd attempt. Just follow my words, the given materials, ask me doubts anytime by text, call, meet (If required). I would charge $100 for all the materials + 2-3hrs of basic teaching within GTA. If you don't drive, It's ok I would drive to the nearest place of yours at no extra cost (Reasonable distance). Hurry up!! Book an appointment of your convenient date and time before someone grabs it. For appointments, Contact 647-997-0081. Akash14061994@gmail.com

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