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Pre-Purchase Inspections

A pre-purchase inspection gives you the facts about the home before you buy.

Our inspection will include the the house elements as listed in the tables bellow.

Pre-Purchase inspections, help to ensure that the home for which you are making one of the biggest investment of your life, is in the condition you expect and will make you aware any problems so that you can budget accordingly.

For most of us, buying a home is the biggest purchase of our lifetime.

So the home inspection before buying will allow you to make an informed buying decision and help eliminate the risk of un expected major costly repairs in future.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Pre-Listing inspections help the seller and listing agent to gain an advantage in the selling process.

This inspection will help home owner and agent to identify items of immediate concern, which may delay the selling process if otherwise not addressed properly.

Addressing any deficiencies in the home before buyers find them help increase the value of your home and reduce the time it remains in market.

The professional report provides a third-party, unbiased opinion to offer to potential buyers and can be used as a marketing tool as it makes the property more appealing to potential buyers. A Pre-listing inspection eliminates surprise defects.

New Home Warranty

When you move to a new home, within a month or so, you might start noticing some issues with house elements.

There can be many reasons of problems that may arise after a new home is being occupied including use of fixtures, change in climate and so on.

Under New home warranty program, contractors are required to correct any deficiencies that arise during certain period of time after you occupy the new home. The inspection cycle includes

  • Pre-Delivery Inspection or PDI
  • 30- Days Warranty Inspections
  • 1 Year Warranty Inspections
  • 2 Years Inspections

Infrared Thermal ImagingAn infrared scan can reveal many problems in a home that would not be otherwise visible by naked eye.

Infrared camera can be used to detect potential problems such as:

  • Water intrusion through house exterior such as behind bricks, stucco and sidings
  • Hidden moisture and water intrusion behind walls, ceilings, under floors and around doors and windows
  • Roof leaks that are hidden behind the roof sheathing and can cause damage if not detected timely
  • Missing, damaged, wet or failing insulation in walls and ceiling/attic areas
  • Air infiltration through areas in walls, ceilings, floors that contribute to high energy costs by allowing hot air to escape in winters and infiltrate in summers
  • Plumbing leaks including the leaks in house plumbing as well as in radiant heating pipes
  • Faulty circuit breakers and electrical outlets, overloaded and undersized electrical circuits which may cause fire if left undetected
  • Leaky HVAC ducting that allows hot or cold air to loss behind wall and ceiling/floor finishes

And much moreWet Basement ConsultationIf your basement is leaking, you may be able to fix it yourself. We recommend to download our sample report and read section 10.0 (Basement Leakage) in interiors section of references tab.

If you still have the problem, call us before you hire a contractor.

We will assist you to determine the cause of leakage and what type of repair is required. Beside exterior drainage conditions, there are many factors that can cause wet basement problems including:

  • Backup from a floor drain that has been abandoned during renovations
  • Water pressure developing under the floor slab causing water to seep through cracks and joints in the slab
  • Water flowing into the basement through porous areas in the basement walls or cracks in foundation walls
  • Water can also seep through house penetrations such as electrical service entrance, plumbing stacks, flashings, etc

Construction and Maintenance Inspections If you are having a custom home built for you, it is good idea to hire an independent unbiased professional to look after various house components during the construction stage.

Builders build houses only "build to code" which is a minimum standard.

There is no harm to exceed the codes to get an improved quality.

If your house is just-built, get an independent evaluation of that new house so that you could know whether the builder did a quality job or use cheap materials and un-professional workers? If you are planning to add an extra space or just want to remodel your house to improve living style, consult with a professional who knows how it should be done.

 We can help you to get the best return for your dollars by evaluating various options and offerings from various contractors.


The Home Inspection Services at HBBI are delivered by Sarfraz Khan, P. Eng., a Professional Engineer, fully qualified home and structure inspection service provider with over 18 years of experience in construction, inspection and design of homes, buildings and bridges.

Mr. Khan holds a Master Degree in Civil/ Construction Engineering, a home inspection certificate and has over 18 years experience in design and construction supervision of large house and building construction projects and inspection of homes, buildings and bridges throughout Ontario.

Mr. Khan's construction career started in 1998 when he joined an engineering construction company where he has directly supervised the construction of over 5000 homes of various styles and designs, from foundation to furnishings.  

This huge house construction project has contributed valuable skills and knowledge of housing industry to Mr. Khan's expertise.

Mr. Khan is a registered professional engineer with Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and has gained valuable expertise holding various challenging positions with civil engineering companies on construction, inspection and maintenance of homes, buildings and bridges throughout Ontario.

Mr. Khan views general home care and maintenance as an integral part of purchasing a property and offers basic education and information to clients, especially first time home buyers, as part of the inspection process.

We strongly encourage our clients to be present at the time of inspection so that they should not miss valuable tips Mr. Khan would provide to keep their property maintained with no or little annual maintenance costs.

Mr. Khan’s over 16 years experience ensures that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of both the home inspection and the final written report as well as friendly and professional service you will receive.

Prompt and courteous service and attention to detail are our philosophy.

Please contact us at the numbers above or via our online contact form for a no obligation free consultation.

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