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This article acts as a thorough manual for PhD candidates, offering crucial details and procedures to guarantee an organized, effective, and fruitful doctoral path. The instructions cover all aspects and format for the review paper of the PhD program, from the first enrollment to the dissertation defense, emphasizing important dates, institutional resources, and industry best practices.


The guidelines' goal is explained in the introduction and review paper format, which highlights the dedication to helping PhD candidates achieve academic success and make novel research contributions to their fields.

Admission and Initiation:

The enrollment process is described in this section, along with the prerequisites for admission, registration procedures, and the first orientation programs meant to help new researchers become acquainted with the academic setting and research community.

Development of Research Proposals:

There are guidelines for creating a strong study proposal, including advice on methodological design, hypothesis formulation, the format of a review paper, and a literature review. During this phase, researchers are urged to interact with their advisory committees and supervisors.

Committee and Supervisory Positions:

The paper lays out expectations for frequent meetings, feedback, and progress reviews, as well as the duties and responsibilities of advisory committee members and supervisors. The cultivation of a fruitful researcher-supervisor relationship emphasizes the need for effective communication and mentorship methods.

Integrity and Ethics in Research:

Guidelines for upholding integrity and high ethical standards in research are provided. Plagiarism, data management, standards for studying humans and animals, and the significance of reproducibility and transparency in sci-indexed journal research are just a few of the subjects covered in this list of sci-indexed journal sections.

Tracking and Reporting Progress:

The article describes the regular processes for evaluating progress, such as mid-term evaluations, web of science journals, annual reviews, and progress reports. These procedures guarantee that researchers stay on course and get help when they need it to overcome obstacles.

Publishing and Spreading:

 It is emphasized how important it is to present research findings at conferences and publish them in peer-reviewed publications. Strategies for writing well, selecting relevant publications, and navigating the peer review process in science journals are offered to researchers.

Defense and dissertation:

Comprehensive directions are supplied for creating the dissertation, encompassing submission procedures, formatting requirements, Scopus indexed journals, and defense protocols. There are also pointers for answering committee queries and giving a strong defense presentation.

Materials and Assistance Services:

A summary of the facilities and services offered by the institution is given, including writing centres, financing options, labs, libraries, and mental health services. It is recommended that researchers make use of these resources in order to improve both their professional and personal lives.

In summary:

The institution's dedication to providing PhD researchers with a nurturing and stimulating environment is reaffirmed in the conclusion. It is recommended that researchers make the most of the guidelines in order to effectively manage their PhD journey.



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