NU Smile Denture Clinic Etobicoke, Ontario

NU Smile Denture Clinic Etobicoke, Ontario

Krishan Kukreja is an Indian Dentist at  NU Smile Denture Clinic in Etobicoke, Ontario Specialising in New Complete Dentures, Partial Denture, Repairs of Dentures and Anti Snoring Treatment.

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One Stop Shop For All Your Denture Needs

22 Years experience (17 years India & 5 years Canada)

  • New Complete Dentures
  • Partial Dentures (with Acrylic and Metal Base)
  • Repairs (Of broken Dentures or addition)
  • Relines (Tightening of Loose dentures)
  • Soft Cushion for Sensitive Gums
  • Natural Teeth Whitining
  • Anti Snoring Treatment
  • Guaranteed State of Art Work with Affordable Prices.
  • All Insurance, Govt. Plans (Wellare, Refugee & Disability) Cases are Accepted


  • Krishan Kukreja DD
  • B.A.M.SI(K.U) India Denture Specialist, D.D.Canada
  • Address: 1111 AIbion Rd. #106, Etobicoke ON (Albion & Islington) Near Madras Dosa Hut
  • Telephone: 416 746 4500

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