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Hi, My name is Umang and I am a Mathematics and Physics home tutor specialist in one- to- one . This means I always tutor to students at their own place of arrangement. Hence, I do not call students to come at my home for the lesson. I have been working as home tutor since year 2000( 19 Years of tutoring experience) . I graduated in Engineering ; I have a diversified knowledge in both subjects that means I taught several students in different countries and also in different culture and different syllabus in Mathematics and Physics. Therefore I have extensive knowledge of all kinds of syllabus. For me Mathematics and Physics are fun and I make it enjoyable and very simple to my students with in few hours of classes . I am capable to handle all kind of pressure to solve home assignments for any student who takes my help. Frankly I am very friendly person, once I started classes with any student I did not see that student left my tutoring . I always been recommended from various families to teach their relatives and friends' children and this way I got most of my time occupied for every years of my tutoring schedule. Rest of the things I can share with students and/or parents if they are interested to take my tution services. The only thing is that I always teach students at their own arranged places for example it may be student's house (most of the time) or maybe public places such as University campus , McDonald, or students may call me for tutoring at public library if they feel comfortable. My tuition rates are hourly but mostly I come for minimum 2 hrs of class at any time.In some cases,however, I even prefer 1.5 hrs class specially for lower grades such as grade 5 to 8. for grade 9 tuition duration is 2 hours negotiable depends on student eligibility. But for grade 10 to 12 and for University classes it is minimum 2 hrs . Charges for grade 5 to 8 is CAD 40 for one hour CAD 30 per hour for 1.5 hrs so per class CAD 45 CAD 25 per hour for 2 hrs so per class CAD50 CAD 20 per hours for 3 hrs so per class CAD60 Charges for high school and college students (grade 9 to grade 12) Mathematics and Physics are following: CAD 50 for One hour class anywhere in Ottawa no additional charges. CAD 40 per hour for every 1.5 hrs class so each class CAD 60 . No additional charge. CAD 35 per hour for every 2 hrs class so each class CAD 70. No additional charge.(Recommended) CAD 30 per hour for every 3 hrs class so each class CAD 90( discounted CAD 10). No additional charges.(Recommended). I can come any where in Ottawa for the classes . Feel free to contact me (Call or whtsapp) at my number: +1 (613) 612-4246 (UMANG home tutor) I tutor Mathematics and Physics for:- Ontario high school matriculation (Mathematics both Calculus and advance function and Physics only) , College Mathematics and college Physics College Calculus, and advance function (Mathematics) Algebra and data mining , CAMBRIDGE and Edexcel IGCSE and A-level Mathematics additonal mathematics and Further Mathematics and Physics, SAT preparation, American program (American Placement test) AP Calculus and AP Physics. University level Mathematics (1st year all Mathematics and statistics) Mechanics and Electrical engineering problem . Year 5 to year 8 : Mathematics and science only. I teach IB diploma program and middle year diploma program also. HL and SL Mathematics and Physics both. I also give holidays classes means if students returned on holiday back to home they can have few classes during holiday. No contract for any lesson but it will a package lesson plan one price for all classes no hourly. For the rest information please whtsapp me at my number : +1 (613) 612-4246 (UMANG home tutor).

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