Maritime Sikh Society

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10 Parkhill Rd, Halifax, NS B3P 1R3, Canada
P: +1 902-477-0008
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Monday: CLOSED
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Sunday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

The Maritime Sikh Society “MSS”) is going to be fifty next year and has made tremendous contributions towards the religious, cultural and social lives of Sikhs living in the Maritimes.

It is the only gurdwara in the Maritimes for Sikhs east of Montreal.

Twice a year, once on the Guru Nanak’s birthday in November and a second time on Vaisakhi celebration in April, the MSS arranges shabad kirtan of professional ragis from out of town.

The MSS is an organization of volunteers. The society, in addition to its weekly Sunday service, also arranges for Panjabi classes for teaching of religion, Panjabi language and other activities.

The MSS welcomes people of faiths to the Gurdwara in keeping with sikh traditions and teachings.

The Maritime Sikh Society has much to be proud of in its continuing support of the religious, cultural and social lives of Sikhs in the region.

In its relatively short history, it has grown in to a vibrant community of friends. The new millenniumpromises even more success for the MSS.

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