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Brampton, ON, Canada
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name is darsh dhillon. -operate in peel region for the most part

I have spent several years manufacturing interior fixtures, installing and framing. I moved my career forward by earning motive power tech diploma at centennial so now I can also diagnose vehicle mechanics and electrical issues. I offer precise cutting, assembling and installation of a variety of natures.

manufacturing. I can manufacture cabinets, furniture, laminates and more. I work with woods, metals, plastics and glass.

assembly I can either manufacture my own parts of assemble something from the store fast and efficient. no screw or bolt will be too tight or lose. I have great attention to detail and excellent planning skills so also offer a design service.

I deal with -decks that are under 0.6 meters which is approximately 2 feet. -assemble gazebos premade or custom made from raw material. - repair or replace doors. - feed appliances water - install lighting, fans or other electrical. - build custom tables, fixtures, beds mounts, floating shelfs and more.

automotive. I only deal with electrical and mechanical issues. while I can work on engines, I do not because I do not want to deal with lubricants on mobile type service. - diagnose electrical issues such as power windows, seats, heating, no start conditions, replace brakes and rotors, cabin filters, fix suspensions, replace batteries, replace stereos, install lights, speakers, sensors, starters, alarms, mounts, and body parts (no paint).

for reference, I am also providing some prices for some jobs. I charge 20$ to arrive on site. designing a deck costs 100$ 700$ for a standard deck under 0.6 meters 15 by 10 feet. assembling a 10 by 10 feet gazebo 250 $ total framing a 15 foot wall 100$

replacing wheel not tires 40$ ( tires will be torques to proper settings. electrical issues around 80 $ parts not included under the car repairs cost more.

my services are fast, efficient, clean and often quite. I look forward to working with you. 647 828 2104

cash, cheque, interact transfer, bank transfers and am working on credit payments. sample images coming soon

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