Looking For Retail Sales/ Customer Service Job in Scarborough

Looking For Retail Sales/ Customer Service Job in Scarborough


After working as a sales associate/owner for Malwa Accessories in India for ten years, I am now seeking a retail sales position in Scarborough. In the past, I have proven to be a reliable and punctual employee, demonstrating my reliability in the workplace; therefore, it can be trusted that my duties will always be done in a timely manner.

As a responsible individual it can be assured that I take my work seriously and behave in a professional manner. In my last job I was often required to train new workers, keep production logs and troubleshoot minor problems with inventory orders and review the quality of merchandise produced.

I strongly believe that by being given the opportunity to obtain a position within retail sales, it will allow me to continue to use my skills and contribute to any organization. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss any role to explore my suitability.

Thank you,
Pawan Kumar

Contact Details

  • Name: Pawan Kumar
  • Email: pawan.malwa84@yahoo.ca
  • Telephone: 647-713-1907
  • In which city are you looking for Job: Scarborough, ON

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