Looking For Human Resources (Recruitment & General HR) Job in Canada

Human Resources (Recruitment & General HR)

I have around 14 yrs of experience in HR & Admin. I am eligible to relocate to Canada thru Express Entry Immigration program and am very eager to relocate to Canada quickly.

Express Entry fast-tracks immigration for foreign qualified professionals who first have a job offer in hand from a Canadian employer. When an organization is not able to find a permanent resident to fill their job vacancy, the organization can hire Express Entry candidates to meet their labour needs.

I have cleared my IELTS – English proficiency test by British Council and all my education credentials have been evaluated by WES – Canada. I have hired a company called Skills International and they has pre-qualified my candidacy (no criminal history & verified work experience – thru a third party agency) and will help me during the transition process, including visa support, relocation & settlement.

Contact Details

  • Name: Srinivasan
  • Email: s.srini719@gmail.com
  • Telephone: +919538906565
  • In which city are you looking for Job: Toronto, Vancouver, Manitoba etc.. (Not very particular about location)

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