Looking For Hindu Pujari Pundit Priest Work in Canada or USA

Looking For Hindu Pujari Pundit Priest Work in Canada or USA

I have spend a lot of time of my life in searching for a little thing like job. stability. money. but I needed these all only to be free from woldly life and duties.

I want to lead my life its real purpose. sorrow. still I could not have this. now I must do for that I was born. I want have snyash. I want to sacrifice my life for Hindu society, for dharm, for goodness of people.

I know God made every person for a certain task. from my childhood I know what for I was made. religious activities always attracts me. I always loved Hindu religion. and want to spread it whole world.I always love going temple and worshiping. I always used to think to be a snyasi to spread true religion in abroad. it was my dream.it was my life, it was my goal of life to devote life for spreading vadic, styasanatan dharm in hole world, because it is only way which can safe wold from violent, materialism, selfishness.

This is a true religion which need today’s world. world need Indian velues, spiritualism, Indian Sanskar, The vedic satya santam dharm only tell us the real and the true propose of human life.but conditions didn’t allow me to do something for this great porpose. I was never satisfied this worldly life. maccommodation spiritualism material things never attacts me I want I know I don’t have much quantification to be hindu priest. but I want devote my life for dharm. I want to devote my life in the feet of lord krisna. Please give me a chance for this I am made.

I don’t need mony. only food and accommodation

  • Name: Vivek Kumar Choubey
  • Email: vchoubey99@yahoo.com
  • Phone Number: +91 822 496 9836
  • Address: Sivajinagar Ward, Tili, Sagar, MP (India)

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6 Responses to “Looking For Hindu Pujari Pundit Priest Work in Canada or USA”

  1. Naga sai sarma Says:

    Im looking for job priest i have experience above 15 years in purohitam and im spoke malty language like telugu tamil kannada hindi and English so if ur required my seva please contact me im waiting

  2. sriram g Says:

    Dear sir .iam sriram g
    I am staying in mumbai i have completed krishna yajurveda in ashitidwaya and also experince vaidika all poojas since from 2004 to 2016 and doing poojas in temple from 5 years south indian bhajan samaj ram mandir in mumbai

    Mobile =9819739707

    Tank you

  3. anand mohan dubey Says:

    jai shri Krishna ..my name an and mohan dubey .iam panditya and preast my egucation sastri . my subject karamkand and katha wachan and Jyotish please your country tample work my contect n..918449178498 jai shri Krishna.

  4. ksbalamurali Says:

    respected sir i am hindu i reqested musicteacher and artest teachervacancy thanku sir

  5. Jitendra joshi Says:

    Im jitu njoshi mahalaxmi tapal pujari

  6. Jitendra joshi Says:

    Im jiendra joshi im in mahalxami tapal pujari may mo 9702232782

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