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Block C -33, 34 Main Road Jagat Puri, Delhi 110051
Name: Korra ply
Mobile:  09212332XXX [Show Mobile]

The brand Korraply is owned by SHREE GANGA VENEERS & PLYWOOD PVT LTD. It provides the highest caliber of goods, including flush doors, plywood, blockboard, shuttering plywood, and marine plywood. They started with the initial step of the mechanism and developed a strict quality control system. The company's most well-known accomplishment is its constant winning of high-caliber races, although it has many feathers in its crown. The MATT process and four-time pressing technique are now being used by Korraply to manufacture a wide range of goods, including structural grade, marine grade, boiling waterproof grade, and many more. Products from SHREE GANGA VENEERS & PLYWOOD PVT LTD are widely used in the nation. Visit us at https://www.korraply.com

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