Kerala Ayurveda Pain Clinic Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario

Kerala Ayurveda Pain Clinic Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario

Physio Martial is a joint venture of Ayurvedic Health Care and martial arts. It manages martial arts centers and Ayurveda center on the brand of Kerala Ayurveda Pain Clinic. Ayurveda is the first medical system known to mankind.

The essence of Ayurveda is that in this modern technological age. it offers a whole new way of life to find harmony and balance not only within one self but also in relating to environment, nature, society and fellow beings.

Services available in English, Hindi and Malayalam. We value your time.

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  • Cell: 416-625-6546
  • Office: 416-792-0712
  • Kerala Ayurveda Pain Clinic
  • Address: 2645, Islington Avenue, Unit 5, 2nd Floor (Above India Bazaar) Etobicoke, Toronto M9V 1L2
  • Email:,
  • Website:

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