Jyoti Homeopathic Clinic Calgary, Alberta

Jyoti Homeopathic Clinic Calgary, Alberta

Dr Amandeep kaur pattar is an Indian female homeopath in Calgary, Alberta at Jyoti Homeopathic clinic specialising in Allergy Testing, Ayurvedic, Blood Testing, Blood Type Diets, Dietary Counselling, Health Information & Services.

We also offer Holistic Health Services, Homoeopathy Medicine, Lifestyle Counselling, Nutritional Counselling, Vital Checks and Weight Loss.

  • EDTA Chelation Therapy Fibromyalgia
  • Hair Analysis Heavy Metal Toxicity
  • Homeopathy IV Vitamins / Minerals
  • Immune Support Live Blood Analysis
  • M/F Hormone Testing Ozone Therapy
  • PRP And Prolotherapy Sexual Dysfunction / ED
  • Standard Lab Testing Women’s Health

Are you looking for Indian Lady Homeopath in Calgary who can speak Hindi or Punjabi languages, then come visit our clinic.

Contact Details

  • Jyoti Homeopathic Clinic Calgary, Alberta
  • Dr Amandeep Kaur Pattar
  • Telephone: 403-590-1021
  • Telephone: 403-4721021
  • Fax: 403-590-1092

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