Indian Grocery Stores in Surrey, British Columbia

Indian Grocery Stores in Surrey, British Columbia

List Of Wholesale & Retail Indian Grocery Shops in Surrey Where You Can Buy All Kind Of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Nepali and Fijian Groceries and Spices. Most Of These Indian Supermarkets Stock General Household Groceries Such as Basmati Rice, Flour (Atta), Leetils (Dals), Red Kidney Beans (Rajmah), Chick Peas (Chholey) and Curry Powders.

Apna Punjab Grocery and Video
You One Stop Shop For All Your Indian Grocery Shopping in Surrey. We Stock Punjabi Masalas, Curry Pastes, Chutneys, Pickles (Achar) and Latest Bollywood/Hindi DVD Movies.
Contact Details and Location
Address: #111, 8077 King George Hwy, Surrey
Telephone Number: 604-598-3470

Fruiticana Super Markets
The Largest Chain Of Indian Grocery Stores in Surrey For Buying Indian Groceries, Herbs, Spices, Canned Food Products, Frozen Fruits & Vegetables and Fresh Produce. We Also Stock Other Items Such as Kitchen Utensils & Cutlery Like Tawa, Karahi, Handi, Balti, Karchi etc.
Head Office: 12758 80th Ave Surrey Ph: 604-502-0005
Fruiticana Newton: 12788 76A Ave Surrey Ph: 604-597-1676
Fruiticana Newton: 13783 72nd Ave Surrey Ph: 604-590-2080
Fruiticana Newton: 13174 64th Ave Surrey Ph: 604-598-9220
Scott Road: 12047 80th Ave Surrey Ph: 604-591-5032
Whalley: 13639 100th Ave Surrey Ph: 604-585-6100
Fleetwood: 9196 160th St Surrey Ph: 604-588-0568
Cedar Hills: 12855 96th Ave Surrey Ph: 604-588-6620
Cloverdale: 18438 64th Ave, Cloverdale, BC Phone: 778-571-0999

Indo Fiji Supermarket
Indian/ Fijian Grocery Store For Buying Basmati Rice, Wheat Flour, Besan (Corn Flour), Kitchen Pots & Pans, International Phone Cards and Branded Indian Food Items.
Contact Details and Location
Address: 8334 128 St 115 Surrey, British Columbia V3W 4G2
Telephone Number: 604-543-8817

Kamal’s Groceries Ltd
Buy All Kind Of Indian, Pakistani Groceries and Household Goods From The Biggest at The Best Indian Grocery Shop in Surrey.
7015 128 St Surrey, British Columbia V3W 4E1

Surabhi Store
The Cheapest Indian Grocery Store For Quality Groceries, Spices, Bollywood & Music Movies & Music CD’S/DVD’S. We Also Stock Hindu Religious Items, Pooja Items, Insense Sticks (Dhoop) and Wooden Mandirs/Temples.
9880 120 St 1 Surrey, British Columbia V3V 4C9

Habib Market
10119 136A St Surrey, British Columbia V3T 4G1

Wholesale Indian Grocery Suppliers

Modi Khana
Wholesale Indian Groceries at Affordable Prices. Buy Bulk Groceries at Cheap Prices For Restaurants, Retail Stores and Catering Businesses.
15164 Fraser Hwy Surrey, British Columbia V3R 3P1

Golden Trading
Supplier and Distributor Of Phagwara Sugar, Punjabi Shakkar, Brown Sugar, Premium Quality Natural Cane Sugar.
Address: 17552 134A Street, Surrey, British Columbia
Telephone/Cell Numbers: 604 590 0661/ 866 502 2555

Ajay Foods Ltd
We Specialise in Selling Wholesale Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern Groceries.
9250 120 St 107 Surrey, British Columbia V3V 4B7

Punjab Milk Foods Inc
14666 64 Ave 200 Surrey, British Columbia V3S 1X7

Shri Gurdev Foods Ltd
We Are The Wholesale Indian Grocery Suppliers To Indian Restaurants, Take Aways, Catereres and Food Outlets.
12568 72 Ave 106 Surrey, British Columbia V3W 2M6

Gopal Foods
16161 94A Ave Surrey, British Columbia V4N 3A2

Kaler Food Ltd
Punjabi Wholesale Supplier Of Groceries, Masalas, Curry Pastes and Chutneys to Retail Indian Grocery Stores in Surrey.
Contact Details and Location
Address: 15154 Fraser Hwy Surrey, British Columbia V3R 3P1
Telephone Number: 604-588-4399

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