Indian Grocery Stores in Richmond, British Columbia

Indian Grocery Stores in Richmond, British Columbia

List Of Indian Grocery Shops and Supermarkets in Richmond Where You Can Buy Indian, Pakistani Groceries, Spices and Other Food Products. Most Of These Indian Shops Stock Basmati Rice, Atta (Flour), Besan, Lentils (Dals), Rajmah, Chholley (Chick Peas & Other Beans), Chutneys, Curry Pastes, Garam Masalas, Bulk Ginger/Garlic Paste and Cooking Ingredients.

Fruiticana Richmond
The Biggest Store For All Your Indian Grocery Shopping in Richmond, BC
Contact Details and Location
Address: 4101 No 5 Road, Richmond, BC
Telephone Number: 604-244-9520

B Khera Mart Ltd
Indian Supermarket Where You Can Buy All Your Indian Groceries, Spices, Canned Food Items, Pickles(Achar), Mango & Other Chutneys and Kitchen Utensils.
9371 No 1 Road, Richmond, British Columbia V7E 1R7

Shivji Enterprises Ltd
Indian Grocery Store Selling Ready To Eat Food Items, Religious Books, Magazines, Hindu Pooja Items, Insense Sticks (Dhoop) and International Calling Cards.
2651 No 5 Road, Richmond, British Columbia
604-270-3834/ 604-270-3880

Sanjay’s Foods Ltd
We Sell Wholesale and Bulk Quantity Indian/Pakistani Groceries, Latest Bollywood Movie DVD’S, Bhajan CD’S, Wooden Hindu Temples/ Mandirs etc.
200 12417 No 2 Road Richmond, British Columbia V7E 6H6
604-241-9344/ 604-241-9339

Verka Food Products Ltd
Punjabi Grocery Shop Specialising in Milk, Dairy and Other Food Products.
2340 Vauxhall Pl Richmond, British Columbia V6V 1Z9

Teja G S Ltd
Wholesale Indian Supermarket Where You Can BBuy Wholesale Groceries For Restaurants, Catering, Schools and Hospitals.
2620 Simpson Road Richmond, British Columbia V6X 2P9

Cargill Foods Ltd
Wholesale Indian Grocery Store Offering Cheap Price Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern and Afgani Groceries and Spices.
Contact Details
Address: 3231 No 6 Road, Richmond, British Columbia V6V 1P6
Telephone Number: 604-273-2702

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