Indian Grocery Stores in Malton, Ontario

Indian Grocery Stores in Malton, Ontario Selling Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Afgani, Middle Eastern and Nepali Groceries, Spices, Frozen Vegetables, Snacks, Sweets, Naan Bread, Chappati Wraps, Parathas, Bollywood DVD Movies and Kitchenware Items.

Moonlight Groceries
The Best & The Biggest Indian Supermarket in Malton For Buying All Kind Of Authentic Indian Spices at Cheap Prices. We Also Sell International Phone Cards & Punjabi/ Hindi/ Bollywood Movie DVD’S.
Address: 2887 Derry Road, Malton, Ontario, Canada
Telephone Number: 905 672 6022

Delhi Food Mart
Indian Grocery Shop To Buy Indian Groceries, Spices, Chick Peas, Rajmah, Indian Sweets, Movies, Snacks, Tinned Foods and Frozen Meals.
Contact Details
Address: 7134, Airport Road, Malton, Ontario, L4T2G8
Phone: 905 671 1715

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