Indian Beauty Salons in Woodbridge, Ontario

Indian Beauty Salons in Woodbridge, Ontario

Indian Beauty Salons and Hairdressers in Woodbridge Specialising in Eyebrow Threading, Mehndi, Henna Tattoos, Saree Tying, Bleaching and Hairdressing Services. Are You Looking For Desi/ Indian/ Pakistani Beauty Parlours in Woodbridge, Then Contact any of The Salons Below.

Mandara Spa Woodbridge, Ontario
Telephone: 905-266-1800
Address: 8000 Highway 27 Suite #2, Woodbridge, Ontario

Nasrin Hairstyling
Punjabi/ Pakistani Hairdresser and Beautician Specialising in Hair Cuts, Eyebrow Threading and Ladies Head & Body Massage Services.
Address: 8611 Weston St, Woodbridge, Ontario, L4L 1A6
Telephone: 905 856 6226

Nirvana Hair Salon & Spa
Desi/ Indian Beauty Parlour Specialising in Eyebrow Threading, Bridal Mehndi, Heena Tattoos, Waxing, Make Up and All Hair Services.
Address: 4585 Highway 7, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Ontario
Telephone: 905 266 1199

Choudary Cosmetics Wholesale & Retail
Professional Indian Beauty Salon Offering Cosmetics, Hair Care & Skin Care Products at Cheap Prices.
Address: 4800 Hwy 7, Woodbridge, Vaughan, Ontario, L4L 1H6
Telephone: 905 264 1113

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