Indian Auto Repair Shops in Calgary Alberta

Indian Auto Repair Shops in Calgary Specialising in All Kind Of Mechanical & Electrical Repairs On Cars Of All Makes and Models. These Indian Motor Mechanics and Workshops Provide General Services Such as Vehicle Inspections, Tune-Ups, Engine Overhauls and Auto Body Repairs. Most of These Desi Mechanics are of Indian or Pakistani Origin and can speak Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu Languages.

New Millenium Tire Centre
We Service Cars and Trucks Of All Makes and Models. We Provide Tire Repairs, ReTreading, Wheel Balancing and Alignment.
Address: 925-26 Street,NE, Calgary, AB T3N 1A2
Cell Number: 403 354 3200
Telephone Number: 403 235 3411
Fax: 403 235 3422

Renu Auto Appearance
Address: 401 38 Ave N.E. Calgary, AB T2E-6R9
Telephone: (403) 205-3611 / (403) 714 – 1439

Ram’s Auto Transmissions & Clutch
Indian Auto Repair Shop/ Garage in Calgary Offering All Mechanical & Electrical Repairs.
Address: 2818 17 Ave SE Calgary, AB T2A 0P8
Telephone: (403) 207-4243
Fax: (403) 207-8602

Ram’s Auto Repair
Address: 130-1830 52 St SE Calgary, AB T2B 1N1
Telephone: 403-272-7293

Pal Auto Repairs
Address: 3415 32 St NE Calgary, AB T1Y 5X7
Telephone: 403-291-3744

Onkar Truck Repair Shop Ltd
The Best Punjabi Auto Repair Workshop in Calgary Offering Accident/ Collision Damage Repair Services at reasonable prices.
Address: 315 Monument Pl SE Calgary, AB T2A 1X4
Telephone: 403-204-3118

Malik Auto Centre
Address: 4101 19 St NE Apt 7 Calgary, AB T2E 6X8
Telephone: 403-250-7195

Gora Truck Repair
Indian Auto Repair Shop in Calgary Specialising in All Kind of Accident Repairs.
Location: 700 #33 St NE Apt 11 Calgary, Alberta T2A 5N9
Telephone Number: 403 313 6857

Desi Auto Corp
Indian Automobile Repair Shops Specialising in Repair and Servicing Of Cars, Trucks and Trailers.
Address: 501-4655 54 Ave NE Calgary, AB T3J 3Z4
Telephone: 403-590-9990

Chanda Precision Motorworks
Address: 923A 46 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 2A5
Telephone: 403-287-3350

Auto Mann
Address: 4528 Manilla Rd SE Ph. Calgary, AB T2G 4B7
Telephone: 403-243-9556

Asif Auto Repair
Address: 2611 5 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2A 2L6
Telephone: 403-285-5175

Bains Automotive Ltd
Indian Motor Mechanic in Calgary Specialising in General Workshop Repairs, Car Repairs, LPG Repairs & Service, Air Condition Repairs, Alternator and Motor Repairs.
Location: 923 Edmonton Trail NE Calgary, Alberta T2E 3J9
Telephone Number: 403 276 5340

Vina Auto Ltd
Address: 5720 #1 St SW Calgary, Alberta T2H 0E2
Telephone Number: 403 255 7979

Sundre Motors Ltd
Location: 104 Main Ave NE Sundre, Alberta T0M 2E0
Telephone Number: 403 638 3502

Noori Gas Ltd
Address: 3503 #26 Ave SW Calgary, Alberta T3E 0N6
Telephone Number: 403 246 5550

Certigard (Petro-Canada) Dalhousie Calgary, AB
Address: 5302 Northland Dr NW North Calgary, AB T2L 2K4
Telephone: 403-800-0039

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