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Grades 9-12 Subjects: Chemistry Physics Biology English Math Qualifications: Hi my name is Priya, I am a 3rd year medical student at the University of Toronto. I have a bachelors degree in Biology and a Masters degree in Microbiology from. I am offering one on one virtual tutoring/teaching sessions to students who are in high school or will be soon. I have 6 years experience teaching and tutoring with referrals available. I have recently been able to take on more students and spots fill up fast. My students see up to a 10% improvement in marks within the month. My focus stems from my experience growing up with understaffed schools and large class sizes. Teaching at a pace the student understands and understanding the strengths and limitations of an individual are a centre part of my methods. I want to make school and learning fun because students have become accustomed to it being a chore or a dragging experience. High school does not need to be tough and students should not crumble under the pressure. That is why I am here trying to make it easier. I offer reasonable pricing and always do private lessons on zoom so every student gets one on one time with a qualified and knowledgeable teacher who can help them. I also know not every student is the same and that is why I offer a free 30 minute consultation and trial. This way I can asses the students and they can assess me and what I can offer to their education. I offer tutoring, homework help, high school prep, and academic counselling And for those going to or who are already in university I can help with university prep, undergraduate and graduate applications, MCAT coaching/prep, university interview counselling and career/academic consulting. Also, with the school year almost over ask me about Exam Prep or Summer Prep classes for the next grade along with regular tutoring! Text me for more information. 647 993 9595 (Priya)

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