Harbans Singh Khaneja Homeopath Malton, Ontario

Harbans Singh Khaneja Homeopath Malton, Ontario

Harbans Singh Khaneja is an Indian/ Punjabi Homeopathic Specialist in Homeopathic Treatment of Hemorrhoids (piles), Infertility, Kidney Stones, Blood Pressure, Sexual Weakness, Thyroid Diseases etc.

Doctor Khaneja is experienced and popular. He’s the only homeopathic doctor In North America with over 60 years experience. He has written 3 books on homeopathic medicine and translated them into several languages.

Affordable Fees and Safe Treatment.

For appointment please call 805 677 8555

Contact Details

  • Harbans Singh Khaneja B.sc, R.M.P(India), R.HOM, HD (Canada)
  • Telephone Number: 805 677 8555
  • Address: 7071 Airport Road, (Maxtel Plaza), Suite 208-D, Malton, ON. L4T4J3

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  1. rakesh Says:


    i got your reference from Dr Bhattacharya when I visited Dhaka, Bangladesh.
    I am suffering from Hypochondriasis. Can you please suggest me good homeopathic doctor in Delhi who can treat this problem. Kindly advise.

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