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Hans Traffic Tickets Mississauga, Ontario – Paralegal Professional Corporation

Hans Traffic Tickets is an Indian Lawyer and certified licensed paralegals in Mississauga, Ontario Specialising in Paralegal Services, Driving Offences, Motor Vehicle Accident Claims, Careless Driving, Speeding Tickets and Driving Without Insurance.

We also offer professional advice in matters such as Fraud, Theft and Accident Claims.

We are Experts in Transportation Matters in All of Ontario, Log Book. Overweight, Fail to Inspection, Major Defects and Company Audits, Fails to Maintain C.M.V.

Contact Details and Location

Malton Address:

  • Mr Manmohan Hans
  • Address: 2985 Drew Road, Unit 117 (Head Office) Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Telephone umber: 905-405-1415 (Toronto Direct Line)
  • Telephone Number: 416-898-5724 or  905-564-8882

Toronto Contact

  • Mr L. Hans
  • Call :  905-793-1223 or 416-778-7159



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2 Responses to “Hans Traffic Tickets Mississauga, Ontario”

  1. nida nasreen Says:

    My husband got 2 tickets in the downtown.
    one is HTA 144(9) for $110.00
    Actually he does not go to downtown much.But had to go for an interview and due to busy time and it was also some construction going on there ,so it was confusing aslo,he turned at intersection and it was prohibited by a sign ,but he missed the sign.
    other ticket was that though he had Insurance at that time,but at that time he had two Insurance cards in his wallet/car .One was old and the other was new and valid.But by mistake and in hurry he took out the old one ,but then told the officer that the other was was Valid one,but the officer refused to take that one and insisted on taking the one my husband took out at first by confusion.
    We have the Insurance Paper/card to prove that we had Valid Insurance at that time .The officer refused to take the other card that was Valid.Unfortunately my husband had the previous insurance card also ,but that was of the same company.On the valid card the insurance was renewed.The officer gave a ticket of $65.00 and stated on the ticket ,”Fail to have valid insurance card”.But we can prove that we had Valid Insurance at that time.Is there any demerit point for this one aswell.We do not want our Insurance to go up.
    Both the case are in the Downtown court at Edward st.
    Can you help us.What will be your Fee.the total amount is $175.00.
    Looking forward to your kind cooperation.
    Kindly reply soon.
    Nida Nasreen

  2. Rakesh Kumar Gupta Says:

    My son, who is born on Aug.31, 1995 is charged with the offence “Person under 16 years drive motor vehicle contrary to Highway Traffic Act Section 37(2) and is summoned to Ontario Court of Justice Youth Court on Feb.11, 2011.
    He drove the car without my permission and was stopped by the cop while driving near the house with high beams on.
    On hearing the police siren he stopped the car at the safe place and accepted that he was driving the car without permission from owner and pleaded for pardon. Police brought him to the home which is near by and I was told by the cop it is his first offence he may be discharged after warning or little fine or community service. I am little apprehensive about his future and want that he should be discharged after warning so that his record should not effect.
    So, please convey me whether you accepting this type of cases and what will be your fee to deal with such cases. What will be the possible consequences in this case.
    Please reply at your earliest.
    With regards
    Rakesh Kumar Gupta

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