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2260 Bovaird Dr E #202A, Brampton, ON L6R 1Z1, Canada
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Regardless of your Credit Score, I Can HELP You Find SAVINGS>>>>>>>>Did you know $2,568.75/month Payments of (Car Loan Payments, Credit Card Debt, Pay Day Loans, Truck Loans, Personal Loans, Mortgage Payments, etc. ) can be rolled into a New Mortgage for as low as $1,155.35/month..>>>Saving you over $1,400/month! <<<< That is cutting your Monthly Expenses and Debt in more than HALF! Giving You Over $16,800 a year in Savings! Got More Debt??? Then you can save even more! Don't believe me, then continue reading below to see how I Helped save a Client over $1,400/month

----------------------->>>Client (Truck Driver) Saved over $1,400/month<<<----------------------- Here is How I recently Help a Client (Truck Driver) save over$1,400/month ; >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>OLD SITUATION<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< *His Car Loan of $18k at payments of $467/month *His $55k Truck Loan at payments of $1,200/month *His maxed out RBC HELOC of $13k at payments of $60/month *His RBC Mortgage of $172k at payments of $841.75/month

Total Debts $258k His Total Monthly Payments he was making was $2,568.75/month.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>NEW SITUATION<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< NEW Mortgage for $270k at payments of $1,155.38/month

Total Debts $270k His Total Monthly Payments are now $1,155.38/month. That’s more than Half of what he was paying before! Saving over $1,400/month!

And as a Bonus for my Client I got him an available HELOC for $50k Limit, which he can use at any time. (If he were to use all $50k his monthly payments would be as less than $190/month! This would be great for a Debt Consolidation or for Anything he needs Money for!

Please Note 270k Mortgage Includes: ($18k Car Loan, $55k Truck Loan, $13k RBC Maxed HELOC, $172k RBC Mortgage, the client receiving $9,500 Cash for a Wedding Gift of Family Member, and paying RBC a Cancellation Fee of 2,500 in the New Mortgage Refiance Amount)

The Best part is even after the RBC Cancellation Fee and receiving Cash for a Wedding Gift of Family Member, the client was able to roll all those Debts into his New Mortgage and make payments just like before but at One Low Monthly Payment of $1,155.38! That’s more than Half of what he was paying before! Saving over $1,400/month!


If you are carrying High Interest Debt then you need to give me a call, I will help you FIND SAVINGS! You’re already paying your Mortgage, so why not make it easier on your Finances and roll everything into one payment……You Should, It’s a really Good Idea!

Even if you have Bad Credit, Issues with your Income, Too Much Debt, I can find you a Solution!

Free yourself from High Interest Debt Payments like Pay Day Loans Car Loans Truck Loans Personal Loans Credit Card Debts High Interest Lines of Credit

Say Good bye to these High Interest Payments you are making every month, and Welcome in new Savings! Let Me Help you Pay them off so you can save money every month and avoid the stress over money, so you can breathe better!

Contact Me Today to Discuss Your Mortgage Situation and Get the Right Mortgage Options for You!

I am able to Find Solutions to Almost Any Mortgage Situation, Contact Me Today! Rumy Gill - Mortgage Broker (416) 855-0545 Ext 101 or Apply at (

I Have 3 Offices to Serve you from (Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto) Book your Appointment Today!

I am 5 Star Reviewed Mortgage Broker by my Clients. Check for yourself (Google: Brampton Mortgage Broker - Rumy Gill).

Find out for yourself why Clients and Realtors Choose to Work with Me.

I have offices in Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto.

Brampton Mortgage Broker - Rumy Gill Tel: (416) 855-0545 Ext 101


Mortgage Intelligence Inc. Broker Lic# 10428

(Call to Book your Appointment Today) 3 Office Address to Serve you Better:

Brampton Office 2260 Bovaird Dr. E. Unit 202A Brampton, ON L6R 3J5 ---------------------------------------- Mississauga Office 213B-2970 Drew Road Mississauga, ON L4T 0A6 ---------------------------------------- Toronto Office 250 Consumers Road, Suite 719 Toronto, ON M2J 4V6

*!O.A.C. some conditions may apply. Contact for Full Details. Please leave your contact number if inquiring by E-mail

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