Golden Triangle Association, Kitchener, Ontario

Golden Triangle Association, Kitchener, Ontario

Golden Triangle Association is an Indian based community, that provides care and educational programs for the local Indian Community.

  • Youth Programs and services
  • Teenage Prevention
  • Mental Health

Contact Details

  • Address: 450 West Heights Drive, PO BOX. 4400, Kitchener, Ontario, N2A 1A5, Canada.
  • Telephone: 519 634 5681

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  1. Rajdeep Malhi Says:


    My name is Rajdeep Malhi and I live in Brampton and I go to university in Waterloo. I am reaching out to you for help in finding a place for me to stay 1 to 3 nights a week. I will have late night classes and there will be no GO Bus service for me to go back home. Is there any Indian Sikh Family that wouldn’t mind letting me sleep 3 nights a week.

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