Fruiticana Falconridge Blvd Calgary, AB

Fruiticana Falconridge Blvd Calgary, AB

Fruiticana Falconridge Blvd is an Indian/Asian Supermarket in Calgary, AB suitable for shopping of Indian, Nepali and Afgani Groceries, Beans, Whole Spices, Pulses and Sweets & Snacks.

We also specialise in Chapati Wraps, Rusks, Moth Beans, Canned Vegetables, Coconut Juice, Masoor Dal, Parathas, Coconut Water With Pulp and Wholemeal Chapatis.

Some of the Indian brands that we stock include Ahmed Masalas, Parampara, Laziza, Rajah Masalas and Dettol.

We also sell Indian snacks such as Sesame Snaps in Chocolate (By Anglo Dal), JCR Chat Papdi, Royal Bombay Mix, Haldirams Chana Nuts Haldirams Corn Flakes Mixture and Natco Pani Puri.

Rice varieties: Brown Basmati Rice, Long Grain Rice and Brown Rice.

We stock different kinds of flour such as Soya Flour, Cracked wheat, Wheat Flour and Coconut Flour.

Contact Details

  • Address: 5075 Falconridge Blvd NE, Calgary, AB T3J 3K9
  • Telephone: (403) 590-1611
  • Website:

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