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Water softener system installation

Hard water is not considered unhealthy; however, hard water problems are costly due to increased soap usage, reliance on water softening products, and shorter appliance life due to scale build-up in pipes. To correct water hardness, Extron Plumbing Ltd. offers a range of water conditioning systems designed to improve water quality throughout the entire household. Features include:

- Spot-free glassware and dishes

No mineral deposits on bathtubs and shower stalls

Brighter, softer laundry

Less reliance on water softening products

Dramatic reduction of soap usage

Manageable hair because shampoo works better

Pipes remain free of calcium scale build-up

Extended life of appliances and reduced energy costs due to virtually eliminated scale

- Spot-free car wash if softened water is used

The Rainfresh water softener softens water by removing hardness through a process called Ion Exchange, where hardness-causing calcium and magnesium ions are replaced by an equivalent amount of sodium ions. Sodium ions do not form scale, thus making the water soft while maintaining its chemical balance. By installing the high-efficiency 2-tank water softener with 30,000 - 60,000 grain capacity, your laundry comes out cleaner and softer, you get spotless glasses and dishes from your dishwasher, enjoy softer bouncier hair and smoother skin after showers, and prevent scale build-up in your bathroom and water heater. With Rainfresh water softeners, you will enjoy soft water for years to come.

Our Commitment to Quality.

We can:

- Replace main water shut-off valve

Leaking pipes

- Dripping faucets

- Mixing valve replacement

- Repair frozen pipes

- Replace leaky faucets

- Bathroom plumbing

- Commercial bathroom

- Kitchen Plumbing

- Food disposal/garburator

- In-Ground and above-ground piping installations

- New construction residential/commercial

- Water softener

- Appliances installation

- Legal basement fire sprinkler

- Water separation valve installations

Our installations are guaranteed free from error with a full parts and labor warranty, so you'll feel safe knowing that no further expenses will be incurred from a faulty installation.

House Main Shut-off Valve Replacement

If drips of water come through your pipes even with the main shut-off valve completely closed, it's probably time to replace the shutoff valve. We recommend replacing the gate valve with a ball valve, which lasts longer and is less likely to leak.

Clogged Valve: Mineral deposits and tiny pieces of grit can gradually build up in an old gate valve, making it impossible to fully close.

Shut off valve replacements

Replace Main Water Shut Off Valve

Shut off valve installations for toilets and sinks

Solutions for shut off valve malfunctions

Leaky shut off valve services

Dripping Faucets

Do you have a slow dripping faucet you've been ignoring? A minor leak may not seem like a big deal, but over time it can add up in a big way.

Just the Facts on Leaks

The average home with leaky faucets loses about 10,000 gallons of water a year, enough to fill a backyard swimming pool. The most common types of leaks are leaky toilet flappers, dripping faucets, and leaking valves.

When you need an experienced plumber or contractor, look no further than Extron Plumbing Contracting. As a licensed plumber, we have the expertise to tackle your plumbing problems. With over 15 years combined experience, Extron Plumbing offers affordable and reliable plumbing services. We offer emergency services.

Our Commitment to Quality

If you're ready for excellent results, call the Extron Plumbing team to discuss your residential or commercial plumbing needs. We want to earn your trust and confidence, and we'll prove it by providing fast service you can count on, no matter the size of the job. We will work with homeowners for residential repair as well as new construction installation. Contact us today for your free estimate. Our plumbing company provides residential and commercial plumbing services to the GTA.

Fully Licensed Insured

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