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Canadian Famous Feng Shui Master


Since 1988 Master Cyril has practiced ancient Chinese Geomancy and Astrology to guide many individuals and business people to prosper. His scope covers many walks of life and nationalities.

I am certified professional and experienced Feng Shui Master. Specializing in the ancient art of Feng shui astrology.consultant.

Through re-positioning the various furniture in your home or office, suzch as sofas, TVs, beds, desks, aquariums, statues, plant views, planters, decorative paintings, handicrafts, souvenirs, pet rooms and office desks, Or redistribute your office or relocate your check-in counter or reception desk or change the location of doors, kitchens and washrooms. If necessary, place medicine at some positions, so your Feng Shui can become auspicious and enhance your good fortune.

1. Help patients recover pain disorders

2. Help patients heal infertility

3. Help patients overcome anxiety

4. Help patients stay away from depression

5. Help people get good sleep

6. Help people love a right person

7. Help people have family happiness Help people get out of the trouble

8. Help people get lucky

9. Help students Improve academic performance

10. Help people achieve wealth and power

11. Help people develop more customers

12. Help people increase performance

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. It is based on the views held originally by poet Pu Guo about 1,700 years ago.

FAQ : “If I am just renting a place to stay, do I still need to do Feng Shui for the house?”

Answer : YES!

How long do you intend to stay in the rental place? Do you want the place that you are staying in to have a healthy and well-balanced living environment that will increase your prospects in life, and bring about overall well-being and prosperity? So is it worth having investing in a good Feng Shui?

An effective Feng Shui will last for years! Our Professional Feng Shui Consultation includes : On-site survey of the property and its environment by Master Analysis of the occupants’ birth details Understanding the occupants’ needs and requirements Minor adjustments to minimize massive renovation works, to enhance your living environment A well-planned hand drawn layout with advice and explanation Selection of auspicious dates

Contact Us NOW For A Professional Feng Shui Consultation / Feng Shui Reconsultation!

FAQ : “When do I need to do a Feng Shui Consultation / Feng Shui Reconsultation for my property and business?”

Answer : (a) When you start facing obstacles and problems in your life, your family, your career and your business. You may be going through a life cycle change! (b) Your business is not going as smoothly as before? (c) When you start to feel that your house is no longer suitable for your family and you to live in. (d) Planning to do renovation / A&A works for your existing property? (e) Planning to buy or invest in a new property? (f) Planning to expand your business?

Do you want the place that you are staying in to maintain a healthy and well-balanced living environment that will increase your prospects in life, and bring about overall well-being and prosperity?

Let Master help you with his Quality Feng Shui Consultation / Feng Shui Reconsultation!

Burial Feng Shui (Yin Feng Shui)

Burial Grounds Cemetery Ash Urn Longevity Niche

Our Professional Burial (Yin Feng Shui) Consultation includes :

On-site survey of the burial grounds and surroundings To find auspicious orientation and location using the decease date and time, compatible with the deceased person’s birth details Selection of the burial grounds / ash urn / longevity niche A good Yin Feng Shui for the deceased will bring good fortune and prosperity to the offspring for generations

Name Analysis / Change of Names / Selection of Names Chinese Name English Name Baby Individual Person Company Professional Logo Design

Master : “Know your life destiny, but do not accept it as your fate!”

“One should not worry about being born with a bad life destiny, but worry about having a wrong (unsuitable) name”

Does your name make a good (positive) first impression? A name represents you / your Company A good name distinguishes you from other people A good name is your brand name and represents your Company’s branding A Good Name will bring you: Reputation Career (Business) Good Interpersonal Relationships Love Health Does your name have all of the above?

“1 Life, 2 Luck, 3 Feng Shui, 4 Studies (Knowledge), 5 Accumulate Merits, 6 Names ……” Our Professional Change of Names / Selection of Names includes : The Study of Names is an integral part in the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, an exclusive and specialised field as it can change one’s life destiny! Our birthdates (BaZi) are innate and cannot be changed However, a good name can be acquired through a traditional and meticulous name selection process Master will select a good name compatible with your BaZi, to balance and enhance your life destiny

Selection of Auspicious Dates

Auspicious Wedding Dates Package (ROM / Chinese Customary) Official / Grand Opening for Business and Organizations New Job Overseas Posting Move-In To New House Other Auspicious Dates

Our Professional Selection of Auspicious Wedding Dates Package includes :

Analysis of the couple’s and parents’ birth details (BaZi) To select a list of auspicious dates and timings most compatible with the couple’s BaZi and Feng Shui for ROM / Customary Wedding, using the traditional Chinese Almanac (Tong Sheng) Since ancient times, the use of the Chinese Almanac (Tong Sheng) is the most accurate means in selecting auspicious dates compatible with your BaZi To select auspicious date and time for the offering and exchanging of betrothal gifts To select auspicious date and time for setting of the bridal bed With advice on the Dos and Don’ts, things to prepare and take note of

Contact Us NOW For Your Most Ideal Wedding Dates! Our Professional Selection of Auspicious Dates includes :

Analysis of birth details (BaZi) To select auspicious dates and time most compatible with your BaZi and Feng Shui, using the traditional Chinese Almanac (Tong Sheng) Since ancient times, the use of the Chinese Almanac (Tong Sheng) is the most accurate means in selecting auspicious dates compatible with your BaZi

Professional Services:

Personalized Feng Shui Analysis Local and international Feng Shui Consultations – residential and business offices, gardens cemetery Annual Feng Shui updates and annual Flying Stars analysis Auspicious English Name Selection Auspicious Chinese Name Selection Auspicious Date Selection Yijing (I Ching) Divination – Personal Well-Being, Business, Career, Investment, Real Estate, Transactions, Children, Family, Relationship, Couple / Marriage Compatibility Match, Health, Illness, Outcome of Surgery, Lawsuit, Wealth and Prosperity

Yi Jing Divination

How can we help you?

Yi Jing Divination is useful in providing guidance for making strategic and informed decision that will positively influence the outcome you so desire in the following:-

What is the impact of making a management decision? What is the impact of making a business decision? Is this the right time to start a business? What should you know about going into a joint venture with a potential partner? What is the outcome should you decide to join a new company? How can you better manage your risk for your investments? Does my boyfriend still love me? Is this house fengshui good for us to leave in? Am i staying in canada next 1-2 years? when will sell my business? when will i get my lost money back? when will i get a professional job?

The outcome of divination is not cast in stone. It is meant to provide you with information that you do not know, so that you can take the appropriate actions to achieve or influence the outcome you so desire.

What is Yi Jing Liu Yao Divination?

Yi Jing (易经or I Ching) is also known as the Book of Changes, is one of the oldest Chinese texts that contains a classical divination system centering on the concepts of:

Dynamic balance of Yin (阴) and Yang (阳) energies; 5 elements of Metal (金), Wood (木), Water (水), Fire(火), and Earth (土); Ba Gua or 8 Trigrams (八卦), which are 8 types of three line combinations of Yin and Yang; Liu Yao Gua or Hexagram (六爻卦), which is stacking of 2 Gua forming a six line combinations of Yin and Yang; and 64 Hexagrams (六十四卦), describing 64 different types of situations, dilemmas and possible solutions.

Add: Woodbine Avenue Markham Ontario Canada L3R 5R7

多伦多风水师算命算卦 Feng Shui Master Cell Phone Messages/whats app 9057065371 please text to me, Ask me questions https://tonycicom.wordpress.com/ https://fengshuiint.wordpress.com/

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