Eye Exams By Indian Eye Doctors (Optometrists) in Brampton, Ontario

Eye Exams By Indian Eye Doctors (Optometrists) in Brampton, Ontario

Indian Optometrists and Opticians in Brampton Specialising in Contact Lenses, Eyeglasses, Laser Vision Consultations, Retinal Photos, Visual Field Tests, Glaucoma Check, etc.

We Speak Punjabi and Hindi Languages. New Patients Welcome.

Two Locations to Serve You

Dr. Raman Dhaliwal

  • Charolais Eye Care
  • Address: 475 Charolais Boulevard, Unit 4, Brampton, ON
  • Telephone: 905 455 4445

Dr. Jasdeep Deol

  • Clarity Eye Care
  • Address: 4520 Ebenezer Road, Unit 1, Brampton, ON
  • Telephone: 905 913 1109

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  • OHIP coverage: 19 and under, 65 and over are covered by OHIP once every year for eye exams. OHIP will cover eye exams if a patient has certain conditions such as cataract, diabetes, a red eye, etc. even if the patient is between the ages of 19-65
  • Insurance coverage: some people who have vision care benefits from work are entitled to coverage of one eye exam every one or two years and they are also covered to purchase eye glasses

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