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vivo, Canada
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Hello, My name is Akash and I’m offering personal training services to anyone that has a fitness goal and wants to achieve it quick and effectively. I have uploaded a few pictures of myself to show that i have a quite a few years of experience and knowledge in fitness that i acquired through my journey. I understand we all have busy lifestyles and I too have a full time job so I’m looking to offer a more personalized experience and take on 2-3 clients at most. I am located in NW Calgary and my home gym is vivo which is in Coventry hills. The ideal client would be someone who is looking to train in the evenings. If you’re at a different gym please let me know what gym and we can possibly figure something out. In the past when I was actively involved in bodybuilding as a hobby I have helped numerous females and males achieve various goals such as building muscle, toning, weight loss, improving overall fitness and cardio. My pricing is extremely reasonable and I can help with nutrition and diet as well. I am doing this more as a hobby and to also help me be in the gym more frequent so I can either train you or be your workout buddy and train with you. I am always willing to negotiate and work with you if you’re on a budget but my services would be under 100$ a week for 3 sessions a week. I will not count time during the sessions to ensure you get a complete workout without rushing. If you have any questions or would like a meet and greet please feel free to contact me on here. I’m happy to give me cell number once we have established contact on here.

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