Dr R . S. Saini Homeopath

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231-8138 128 St , Surrey , BC V3W 1R1
Mobile:  604-210-6XXX [Show Mobile]
I am a classical Homeopath practicing since 1973. I take cases on a one-to-one basis and the first session lasts 45-60 minutes. Mind is the supercomputer of the human body and is working non-stop both during sickness and health. It is continuously emanating signals through speech, version and body language. As a classical Homeopath, I give great importance to understand the meaning behind each and every word spoken by the patient during the state of sickness. The tone, style and stress of speech are crucial cues in grasping the essence of the case. DISPOSITION, ATTITUDES, INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS, HOBBIES, LIKINGS, DISLIKINGS, CRAVINGS etc. form big milestones in understanding the sick person on mental, emotional and physical levels in order to select the best constitutional remedy. Alternative # 604-725-8401

DR.R S Saini RCSHom, Msc. DIHOM (London), Dip AICH,

Migraine, Skin, Food Allergies, Energy Tonics, Auto-immune Diseases, Depression, Stress, Fear, Anxiety, Colitis/Chrohn's, Hair, Indigestion, Male/female Problems, Homeopathy, Allergies,

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