Dr.Priya Rajan – Looking For Sponsorsip

I am a specialist doctor from India, multi linguist, have 22 yrs of practice in the field of adult medicine, esp treating chronic diseases and cardiac patients.

My last practice was on june 2011. I have a +ve eligibility review from CPSA Alberta to work as a non specialist physician.

I need a sponsor from the Hindu, Indian community, clinic or an individual to sponsor me for a period of 3 months so that I can start working for the same sponsor in a long term basis as a good, dedicated doctor.

Please email me if there is a chance to join your sponsorship, thanks,

Dr.Priya Rajan

Email: imgmd08@gmail.com


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  1. Haseeba Says:

    Hello Dr.Priya Rajan

    If I am not mistaken are you the one who used to practice in Jeddah KSA…Plz let me know then we can proceed.

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